More capacity and stepless droplet size control 

The unique HighTechAirPlus developed by Agrifac is a combination of traditional spraying, air injection and mixing in the nozzle holders. This is a perfect combination for creating a constant and easily adjustable droplet size. 

With Agrifac HighTechAirPlus you can realize up to 50% more capacity, never have to change nozzles, and you can spray with less drift. HighTechAirPlus enables you to always work with the correct droplet size. The droplet size can be steplessly adjusted, from very fine to coarse. This provides better coverage of the leaf surface in all cases. The number of sprayable hours increases because the wind sensitivity of the sprayer decreases significantly. 

If you choose the optional Droplet Control, the EcotronicPlus controls the drop size fully automatically depending on the driving speed.

Voldoendevoedzaam en veilig voedsel verbouwen in alle gewassen 

  • De beste bedekking, meer werkbare uren 
  • Minder windinvloed, dus minder drift = langer doorspuiten en meer spuituren
  • Droplet Control, kies gewenste druppelgrootte en spuitdruk ongeacht snelheid en afgifte
  • Betere indringing van de druppels in het gewas
  • Besparing op gewasbescherming
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